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Name:Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)
Location:Georgia, United States of America

Daryl Dixon was born and raised in Georgia. His parents neglected him so it was up to his older brother, Merle, to raise him. However, as Merle got older, he started to neglect Daryl too, so soon the boy was on his own, to fend for himself. Once, he was lost for several days in the woods, and had to find his own way out since no one noticed he was gone.

When the world started to end, Daryl left his hometown with his brother and they made their way to Atlanta. However, the city had been taken over by walkers, so they hooked up with a group of other survivors. During their stay, Merle left and went to Atlanta with some of them while Daryl was left behind. His brother never returned, and they have yet to find him.

As the group started to move away from the city, Sophia (one of the youngest members of the group), went missing. Daryl tried to find the young girl, spending several days in the woods, fighting off walkers so he could bring her home to her mother. However, he couldn’t find her and soon they found out Sophia had been turned into a walker, and he watched as Rick Grimes killed her.

Since then, Daryl has been keeping to himself, and always from the rest of the group.

Disclaimer: Daryl Dixon is a fictional character from the television show The Walking Dead. I do not own him, and I am not Norman Reedus. This journal is for fun, and not profit. Also, this Daryl is based solely on the television series, and not the graphic novels. Banner made by chthonicons at Insanejournal.

Age Disclaimer: This character, along with the mun and PB, are all over the age of 21.

Ship/verse Disclaimer: While the player has nothing against verses and shipping (no slash unless the player knows and trusts the other player), please be aware that the player likes to build up CR when it comes to OCs and characters not in his canon. He won't magically know your OC when they first meet, and probably won't trust them at first. Please, for the love of all things good and pure, don't force your OC/fandom OC on him and pretend they've known each other forever, unless the player gives prior permission. Thank you. <3

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